Hang your light, YOUR way!



So here is WALL:IT –
a simple elegant holder for my LOLLIPOPS

(Shown here with a Lollipop and bulb)

After having LOLLIPOPS hanging in my shop for some time, (on
nails, hooks) I had a thought that if someone had given me
one as a gift, it would be like getting a gift WITHOUT
the batteries it needed.

So here is WALL:IT – a simple elegant holder for my LOLLIPOPS
(or any other mobile pendant light).

There are five WALL:IT models:
Basic, Mickee, Trio, Chand and Torch.
Mickee & Trio are designed to hang up to
three Lollipops, either in a bunch or separated.
Chand is a longer bracket for hanging a Claire
de Lune ® Chandelier, or other lamp shade,
such as our Barrel, or a bigger bulb. Or just
for drama. (We also stock bulbs.)
Torch was designed to have your bulb upright,
or used as a tea light holder for your tea light.
(Glass holder included).