About Accent

Accent designs have been sold in over 20 countries over the past 10 years, as well as won design awards.

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Est. 1997

Claire Requa is the Designer and founder of solution-based design company Accent – Claire Requa Design. Born in New York City, she was raised in Jamaica. Claire moved from Kingston to Los Angeles, then later to Copenhagen, where she lives today.
In Los Angeles Claire had a hand-dyed clothing line in a small shop in Pasadena. Fast forward to Copenhagen – in 1997 she opened Accent as a little shop/studio in Nørrebro, a colourful part of Copenhagen.
Essentially a workshop, this was the space where Claire could create, where she could paint, sew, dye, build and decorate any number of things. It was here that she could make available products that expressed her passion for giving new life to old things, as she had always done.

Interior design

Interior design and creative recycling was how she developed a very popular line of chests, as well as numerous other home accessories and accents for the home, including picture frames, room-dividers and other products. Each item was a timeless and fashionable hand-made unique Claire Requa creation. She had numerous requests to make custom items.

Since then Claire’s natural artistic curiosity has lead her into the world of the new, designing and producing products to be sold in various shops. And so it was that Accent was “re-born” in 2005 with new energy and direction. Firstly the direction was lighting, chandeliers in particular, but soon her creative nature took over and one idea became many, including small furniture, mirrors, cushions, mugs, and more.

About Claire

Though her pieces are available for more people to enjoy, it is clear that each design is still very unique, and under her control and touch. (There are still a few unique pieces available through limited channels).
Her age-old passion for doing her bit helping our planet is the starting point for much of her design – so flat-pack is two-fold. One to help reduce co2 emissions when shipping, and to help make consumers aware by involving them in the process when they have to assemble.


Her passion for being resourceful has resulted in an entire side-industry, upcycled jewellery! Realizing that large amounts of acrylic would simply go to waste, Claire decided to design pieces of jewellery to be cut from the originally unused sections of acrylic. Even the holes from a ring serve as a different piece of jewellery! So there is an entire line of CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery.